Releasing Purchase Regrets

A few years ago, before I discovered minimalism, I started haunting decorating blogs. I found and began following about a dozen blogs that had the theme of inexpensive but fancy décor via diy techniques.

Over the course of about a year I fell in love with several of the ideas that were shared. There were furniture refinishing and painting tutorials, making gorgeous décor from actual junk and seasonal decorating ideas. I made many purchases based on the ideas I found. Yet I have no finished projects to date.

A few of my purchase regrets:

A used table and chairs off Craigslist for $50 that I intended on repainting and distressing. Yes, it had some beautiful detail and it was large enough to seat our entire family BUT it was wobbly and had a burn mark on the top that would need to be sanded out. I didn’t notice this at the time of purchase. And since I didn’t have the skills to stabilize it, I ended up giving it away on Freecycle.

Multiple “crystal” candle holders and glass containers to make fake hurricane lamps. Cost – $45 at the Dollar Tree! Plus I had to get epoxy from Home Depot. Another $5 down the drain. I never made 1 of those pretty lamps. I ended up donating it all.

Wooden cheese plate with a glass dome, more candle sticks, and spray paint $15. I had visions of making a Cloche complete with bird nest and decorative eggs inside.

Too many supplies to even list for seasonal wreath making costing $50 at least…

Yes, there are even more.


Thanks to my introduction to minimalism, all these things, and more, have been donated to Goodwill. I have been released from the guilt that I have felt over them. Yes, the money is gone but so is the guilt, and even more than that, so is the clutter. I now have open space where those items once sat piled in boxes and bags. That brings me more pleasure than any decorative item ever could.