Broken Arm Saga

Last school year Levi broke his arm.  I mean, he *really* broke his arm…

He was leaving school one day and since the gate wasn’t opened yet, he decided to jump the fence. You know how boys are.  We were supposed to be packing that afternoon for a trip that weekend so I told all the kids to hurry home after school so we could work on packing up our clothing and such and load the truck. That way, the next day when the kids got home we could just have a snack and leave.  By doing this we would gain a few hours to our advantage.  Levi wanted to have a great trip so he was in a hurry to get home as fast as possible and didn’t want to wait for someone to come unlock the gate.

He fell from the top of the 7-foot chain link fence, head first to the sidewalk below. In order to avoid hitting his head on the pavement, he stuck his hands out to break his fall.

Oh, he broke something alright.

So instead of spending the afternoon packing, we spent the whole rest of the day, and into the night at the ER.  I wanted to cancel the trip. Levi was in so much pain and he was only given a splint after the bones were set. You see, casting here isn’t done at any of the ERs. You go get your x-ray and splint at the ER of your choice, and then call the Fracture Clinic at the County Hospital for an appointment to get the real cast.  It has taken up to 3 weeks before for one of my boys to get an appointment for their cast.  Sad, huh?

Anyway, we did end up going on the trip, splint and all. Levi insisted. He was very upset about the idea that our trip would be canceled because of something he had done. He had a rough time on the 6 hour ride to our destination…

After a year multiple casts, physical therapy and chronic pain he has been sent for an MRI to see if there is any tendon or tissue damage that will require surgery.  We went to have it done on Monday at the Children’s Hospital.  We won’t know the results for a few weeks but let’s hope it’s good news.


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  1. Really, a fracture like this and a three week wait to get a cast? That is pure torture. Not to speak of all the damage that can be done if it heals wrong……

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